New cutting edge toolkit
April 03, 2020

At PEAK, we announced on Tuesday, March 31, 2020, a new toolkit to help our Advisors reach their clients in a new, productive way during this turbulent time. Our new “Market Opportunity Toolkit” gives our Advisors the tools they need to adjust and become more digitally savvy. This will help our Advisors assist their clients by keeping their goals on track. These tools consist of client-facing collateral, charts, letters, social media posts, videos and more. In addition, we launched our bi-weekly “PEAK Stay Connected: Virtual Advisor Meetings” to provide a venue where Advisors can share ideas, from how they are proactively capturing the mass of money in motion, to how they are leveraging technology, social media platforms and local media to gain visibility and new client opportunities, why they are reaching out to old prospects and, ultimately, sharing in their success stories. Hosted by top producers, these webinars are part of the collaboration in action which is PEAK’s main philosophy.

The toolkit includes:
• Advisor-Use Perspective Materials
(reference articles and timely commentaries)
Client-Facing Collateral (Compliance-approved articles, charts & illustrations, letters and emails to help our Advisors communicate valuable information on a regular basis)
Going Virtual Tools (tips and relevant information on how to engage with clients on internet based applications)
Virtual Advisor Meetings (exclusive sessions with top producers)
Public Relations Guidance (steps for gaining visibility with local radio and television outlets,
including sample videos)
Social Media Resources (an inventory of postings, ads and videos, including tutorials to help
improve our Advisors social media presence)

At PEAK, we are fortunate to enjoy a generous, uplifting culture of collaboration and this toolkit is a great representation of the effort we give to our Advisors.

If you would like to explore this toolkit or learn more about all the services we provide to our Advisors, please email Glen McRary or call (855) 949 – PEAK.